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   Date : 01-Apr-2012, posted stories :

  • A wife"s lesbian seduction
    Description : A wife discovers the other side on a weekend getaway with her husbands (female) best friend...
    Author : riyajohn
   Date : 25-Mar-2012, posted stories :
  • Best pussy licker
    Description : After my friend Jess made me a bisexual person, I will always look for a lesbian...
    Author : zelda mathers
   Date : 22-Mar-2012, posted stories :
   Date : 14-Mar-2012, posted stories :
  • Emma"s orgasm
    Description : Three girls have a bit of fun...
    Author : sam
   Date : 29-Jan-2012, posted stories :
  • Plans Changed
    Description : A regular day gone completely wrong...
    Author : Jessica Dovenne
   Date : 13-Jan-2012, posted stories :
  • Love doesn"t mind age.
    Description : Love crosses the barrier named-"age". Two women deeply in Love...
    Author : rudder
   Date : 12-Jan-2012, posted stories :
  • Baby Ohh
    Description : A lesbian love story - hopefully one that will make your cocks stiff and your pussies wet!
    Author : Nikki
   Date : 09-Jan-2012, posted stories :
  • Sensually submit
    Description : A night of passion and fucking on a one year anniversary...
    Author : submissive girl
   Date : 13-Dec-2011, posted stories :
  • Emma and Annabel : Part one
    Description : Annabel lets Emma eat her pussy on Christmas night. Emma gives Bel the night of her life...
    Author : Andii
   Date : 08-Dec-2011, posted stories :
  • Lesbian Slave
    Description : "bend over slut" I bent over leaving my arse in the air. I was told to open my mouth and the moment I did it was greeted by inch of plastic cock. Then I felt 12inches thrust into my pussy. I screamed into the cock but kept sucking and began to rub my clit at the same time...
    Author : Petritia

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